Machine Control systems on graders and dozers has been a common practice for many years.  The benefits have become an absolute must for the competitive marketplace grading contractors face today.  Gone is the day of relying solely on the operators feel for how well the project is turning out.  The systems quantifiably reduce fuel consumption, running time and material costs while delivering precision and accuracy at the highest levels.  

The evolution of Machine Control systems for excavators / backhoes has slowly emerged in recent years.  The unique digging characteristics of excavators / backhoes presented many challenges to their development. Getting contractors to embrace the systems has been a challenge due to the cumbersome nature of the earlier models.  With the advances in micro-sensor technology and dependability, hydraulic control and GPS compatibility, the excavator / backhoe now are on par with graders and dozers.


Benefits of Machine Control for excavators / backhoes:


Excavator / backhoe systems are available in 2D and 3D versions depending upon contractor needs.  2D systems are very effective for basement digging, laying sewer pipe, septic tank and septic field installation, retention pond slope, farm drainage ditches, general dredging, truck docks and any footer application.  These systems are upgradeable to 3D as your workload demands.


IDigBest, Inc. is the leader in excavator / backhoe Machine Control.  We have the solutions for your excavator / backhoe needs.  



The system has 5 component levels:


The base system (Indicate Only) consists of the wiring harness, I-View computer screen, prism laser catcher and mount, base slow speed sensors and connecting cables.  The software in the system has all of the features including X-Ray Vision already built in, so no additional upgrades are necessary as options are added.  The system is designed to be 100% plug-n-play. Current price is $ 9,000.00


High Speed Sensor upgrade.  The high-speed sensors are incredible.  They come to us straight from military drone operations.  They handle up to a 300G impact and deliver a correct answer 100 times per second. The sensors have 3 gyroscopes to deliver such accuracy. They are so fast that we put a grade indicate LED light on the boom because they are faster than sound.  We highly recommend this option and it is required for Auto Steer / Grade assist.  Current price for the (4) pack option is $ 2,000.00.


Auto Steer / Grade Assist / Machine Control

The Auto Steer / Grade Assist / Machine Control option consists of a flex valve for boom control, a pilot valve to steer the bucket and hydraulic hoses and fittings installation kit.  Note, you will still need to purchase a few fittings for your specific machine.  Current price for this upgrade is $ 5,500.00


Kit system for multiple machine application.  Kit includes wire harness, sensor cables, prism laser catcher, slow speed sensors and mounting hardware.  Does NOT include the I-View computer screen.  The screen is moved between machines.  The screen can accommodate 10 different machines and hold 9 buckets / tools per machine.  The current price for the kit is $ 5000.00.


Custom GPS packages designed specifically for your application.