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   Why should I invest in a machine control system?

  A machine control system makes construction work faster and easier, but it also improves the accuracy and quality of the work. With a machine control system, the operator can easily reach the target level without the need for corrective work. This means savings in material, labor and fuel costs. The operator can take measurements in real-time from the cabin, which saves time and decreases measurement costs. Investing in a machine control system helps contractors gain an advantage over their competitors.


   What kind of machines are suitable for machine control?

  Machine control systems can be installed on many kinds of machines such as excavators, bulldozers, motor graders, wheel loaders, drilling machines and compactors. The size of the machine does not set restrictions. Thanks to our continuous research and development, customer specific applications are also possible. If needed, a machine control system can be moved from one machine to another, with only the sensors needing to be installed on each machine.


   Does the systems have to be used by highly skilled operators?

  No, a highly skilled operator is not necessary. IDigBest machine control systems are designed to be very easy to use. Customers are always given training on the system after installation. Separate training sessions are also available based on the needs or requests of the customer.


   Will machine control systems withstand the demanding conditions of earth moving       work?

  Reliability is among the key issues that are given attention in the product development process. The equipment is able to withstand hits, vibration, moisture and temperature changes.


   Will I get technical support if I need help?

  Definitely. IDigBest has always invested in reliability of service and technical support. Help is always quickly and easily available. It is our duty to ensure that our machine control systems work properly.


  Why IDigBest software?

  IDigBest allows for digging depth control for excavators and backhoes, giving the vertical position of the bucket to the operator in the cab. The system is based on the angle measurement of the boom elements to the gravity reference, giving audible and visual indications of the vertical position of the bucket. This system has been specifically designed for those jobs where digging depth or slope must be accurately followed.


  Other uses for IDigBest:

  In some civil engineering projects such as underwater construction, or long ditch digging for extremely deep underground pipelines, the digging operation is quite difficult because the operator cannot easily set a guide line for digging reference. Since the development of hydraulic excavators, operators have relied on the joysticks to dig to grade. If equipped with the Idigbest system, the display will assist in digging accuracy. With the assistance of the system, the operator can pre-set a desired working plane through the monitor screen. Then the digging control system will automatically control the actuators so that the bucket will not go below the plane. The plane can be vertical, or at any angle to the horizontal. With the addition of our optional grade regulator buckets, the operator can dig in all positions and crumb the trench. During the operation, the monitor will display the digging state in real-time.



   Excavating Solutions is excited to announce!

The World’s first true Excavator Machine Control System.

  The release of the IDigBest system with optional Machine Control by Excavating Solutions is truly a breakthrough in both digging systems and machine control.  It has taken the vision and passion of a professional excavator to revolutionize the excavating industry.  The approach is simple, technologies designed and built by excavators for excavators.  By enhancing technology that has been widely available for years, the IDigBest system, through many patented advances, delivers technology the excavating world has been waiting for. We proudly offer this advanced 3D digging system, bucket/machine control system and optional weighing system for the price of a traditional 2D system.






 The IDigBest system was created through 25 years at the controls of an excavator.  The thought was the same project after project, “I wish I could dig prefect grade every time and verify the grade without leaving the cab and not relying on a shot man”.  After 5 years of experimentation, extensive R & D coupled with multiple patents, the system is complete.

 The heart of the IDigBest digging system is a system with a decade of proven operation in the field.  Through many patented software enhancements and breakthroughs, the digging system has the ability to turn any excavator or backhoe into a precision measuring tool.  The information at the operator’s finger tips is something never before possible.  The elevations for an entire site can be entered in under 20 seconds.  The operator now has real-time information at a glance and no longer has the potential for human error because manual calculations and a “shot man” are a thing of the past. *** Technical Highlight to follow in future articles****

 The most exciting and groundbreaking technology to be introduced to the excavating industry through the IDigBest system, is the true MACHINE CONTROL for excavators and backhoes.  A patented “valve pack” coupled with the digging system allows operators to dig and maintain perfect grade through the entire stroke of the machine.  This is accomplished through a patented technique known as “flat bucketing”.  Once the system is engaged, any bucket that is calibrated into the software automatically turns to grade, horizontal and or even vertical, and stays on that grade while the operator pulls back on the controls.  At the end of the cycle, the system is disengaged with the tap of a thumb and the excavator or backhoe functions as normal.  What is left behind is a ditch on perfect grade, slope or profile; crumbed and the elimination of a “shot man” having to check for accuracy.  He can now be performing other tasks on the site to keep the job flowing smoothly. *** Many more Technical Highlights to follow ****




Latest Testimonials


Impressive – That describes my experience with IDigBest so far.  Having Phil perform the installation was a great time.  I could clearly understand his passion for the system and the reasoning behind its design.  With a few projects under my belt with the system, I now feel in command of the dig at all times.  No uncertainty anymore as to the grade.

Ralph, CT.


Working in the Rockies has always been very challenging.  The slopes play many tricks on an operator.  Since I purchased the system, I feel very confident throughout the entire project.  The constant information reduces my stress level because I have a clear understanding of the changing conditions. 

Dan, CO.


Happy I added this system to my bag of tricks.  As a long time septic installer, I immediately saw the time savings per system.  I can quickly touch a bucket tooth to a pipe or tank and start digging from that point on.  I have eliminated most of my set up time.  Really helps my bottom line.

Karl, OH.


The system is “Spot On”.  So many possibilities with the system.  It has changed the way I look at the jobsite.  Spending time with Phil and making videos was a great time.  Can’t wait to see what comes next.

Mark, Australia.


“Lots of benefits to the technology. Speeds up the operator and saves labor.  My laborer isn’t chasing the excavator around the jobsite anymore.  Now he is free to set up the next task at hand.  Once operator was comfortable with the system, the daily production soared…  Awesome system”.                            

     Triple D Excavating, IL.


“Unfortunately I purchased a competitors system weeks before I found IDigBest.  The other system had many issues.  After sending the unit back for upgrades, then having accuracy and reliability issues, I put it on the shelf and purchased the IDigBest system.  IDigBest is simple to use and extremely accurate.  This winter when I have down time, I am going to mount the other system side by side and video the differences.  The competitor will be embarrassed by the differences”.   Ralph Conely, Beaver,OH.


“ I am a very happy that I invested in the system.  For a small operation, not having to have a grade guy is great.  The time I save not having to get out of the machine or set up a laser is helpful.  I love the speed.  I bench out on a curb and go.”   D & T Excavating, Illinois


“ No more guessing.  No more tape measure.  Touch and go.  I love the speed.  The auto dig is fantastic.  To be able to dig fast, flat and on grade is remarkable.  I cannot be happier with the time I save.” 

 Kindred Excavating, Indianapolis


“ Great for everything around the farm from catch basins to tile installation. Let’s me get ahead of the tile plow.  I dig down to find the tile, touch it, zero out and go.  I like knowing the tile plow is starting out on grade, every time.”  Countryside Farms, OH


“ It is priceless to know your elevations at all times.  When laying pipe, the biggest adjustment that I had to get used to, was nobody lying to me anymore.  I do not rely on a grade man. The teeth are always dead on.  The speed and accuracy shows through when I dig highly regulated hog confinement pits.  In the past they took 4 days.  With the system I have been consistently able to complete in 3 days.   On a side note, I enjoy reading all the Facebook posts from young operators who argue they are so good the system is not beneficial to them.  I just laugh at how much they are missing out.”  Stoneking Demolition, IL


“ I have been amazed at all of the short cuts I can take advantage of from the seat of the excavator.  The amount of information and feedback I have with one touch blows me away.  I have been able to speed up all the tasks I have been doing for nearly 20 years.  I look at the jobsite and my excavator differently now.  I know and have confidence that all of my needed grades are perfect.  It is awesome to look back at the ditch after the auto steer is done.  The flat bucket leaves a finished ditch like never before.”  Brian, Indianapolis

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