Problem Solving

 IDigBest inc.


 IDigBest was created from problem solving, innovation and a changing industry.  As the housing market and construction industry drastically changed in the late 2000’s, so to did the business model of excavating industry.  Fuel and labor savings became the new norm.  To gain these advantages, the systems along with its technical advancements were developed.


 Today, whichever term you prefer, Grade Assist, Machine Control, Robotics; the equipment industry has shifted to these technologies.  IDigBest has risen to the forefront of this field.  


 The system assists the operator in every facet of the project.  The operator has live, real-time, accurate measurements on screen at all time.  An LED light is also placed on the boom to give the operator instantaneous feedback about the bucket elevation and distance from the machine.  When its time to hold grade, that’s where the system really shines like no other.   


 IDigBest Grade Assist is the most advanced guidance system available.  The patented valves and sensors work in concert to steer the bucket through the ground while holding the desired grade.  The end result is impressive.  The ditch is clean and on grade while saving fuel and cutting cycle time by 25%.   


 The system is easy to install, calibrate and operate.  The system has the flexibility to be installed on any size, brand or age excavator or backhoe.  Piloted or non-piloted machines.  The screen can be used in up to (10) different machines with (9) different buckets or tools per machine. 


 Since the owner and inventor of the system is a life long excavator, he has a natural feel for what the operator wants to see in the technology.  The key to the system is that the operator still maintains all the “feel” of the machine with a level of accuracy that only a computer can deliver. 


 Watch the videos, check out our testimonials and give us a call.  We are always developing new applications, so check in with use regularly.  We hope you can understand the passion and commitment we have for this technology.    IDigBest